Grinding Gauging Applications

During the process of gauging, particle size is monitored constantly to provide continuous real time control over the machine. Gauging is typically performed by electronic measuring heads which is mounted on the machine table or machine work head in contact with the work piece.

Qmarz inprocess gauge help the operator to optimize the grinding cycle which results in higher precision, productivity and processes reliability (can fit anywhere). Hydraulic grinding, Numerical control grinding, Conventional grinding and CNC grinding.

The gauging amplifier and machine controller can be programmed in such a way so that the machine initially runs at a rapid feed, then slow down to coarse feed, fine feed, spark out, when most of the grinding stock has been removed grinding wheel takes back automatically.


  • Improves productive and reliability
  • Allows statistical process control
  • Reduction in cycle time
  • Reduces rejection to a minimum
  • Reduce operator fatigue
  • No need skilled operator
  • Elimination of rejection
  • Protection of investment
  • Ensure consistent product quality