Infrared Touch Probe IRP40.01

IRP40.01 - with patented THERMO-LOCK® technology!

The infrared touch probe IRP40.01has been designed for machining centres and turning machines. Its compact construction makes it ideally suited for use even the smallest shanks. Equipped with a patented THERMO-LOCK® Technology shank, the touch probe delivers precise results even with large temperature differences. The bi-directional IR communication makes use in special production machines possible.

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Applications :

  • Determination of workpiece zero point
  • Determination of workpiece position
  • Control measurement of workpiece dimensions
  • HDR (High Data Rate) transmission excludes interference of measuring from ambient light
  • ITE technology (Intelligent Trigger Evaluation) – prepositioning with High Speed
  • Patented THERMO-LOCK® technology
  • Up to 440 hours of continuous use before battery change



    Features :
  • Different from worldwide line frequencies of 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Transmission frequency of 75 Hz
  • Extremely high data rate of 9600 light pulses/sec
  • Large transmit and receive angle with min. 120°- all around 360°
  • No interference from ambient light
  • Safest infrared transmission
  • Ensures process-reliable automation


    Features :
  • Evaluate trigger signals
  • Filtering machine vibrations and shocks
  • No increase of the trigger force required
  • No loss of precision
  • No measuring errors due to incorrect switching
  • Shorter cycle times by fast pre-positioning
  • Shorter cycle times without loss of process reliability
  • Pre-position with High-Speed (up to 50,000 mm / min) due to ITE technology
  • One Touch Strategy for fast and precise probing (up to 2,000 mm / min)


    Features :
  • Prevents heat transfer from the spindle to the probe
  • Delivers consistent, precise measurement results even by large temperature differences
  • HSK shanks with THERMO-LOCK® technology are available in various sizes
  • Precise measurement results even by large temperature differences
  • Eliminates uncontrolled expansion of the shank and probe body
Unidirectional 2 Sigma 1 μm
Recommended probing 254 mm/min – 2000 mm/min
Probing direction ±X, ±Y, -Z
Max. stylus deflection XY ±12,5°; Z -5 mm
Trigger force with 50mm stylus XY = 1 N; Z = 7 N
Power supply 1 x 3V Batterie Typ ½AA
Battery Life Time Up to 440h in continuous use
Weight without shank 390 g
Temperature range 10 °C – 50 °C
Material Stainless steel
Signal transmission High Data Rate
Transmission angle 120° – all-round 360°
Range of transmission 1,6 – 4 m, adjustable

Compact construction

  • Extremely slim body requires only small amount of space
  • Very short allowing freedom of movements in Z axis
  • Minimum collision zone and very small turning circle in the turret of a lathe
  • Use of small and special tool holders possible

Performance and process reliability

  • Up to 440 hours of continuous use before battery change
  • HDR (High Data Rate) transmission excludes interference of measuring from ambient light
  • Large transmitting and receiving angles guarantee reliable transmission and enable a large working area
  • Adjustable air-blow nozzles at touch probe and receiver ensure clean measuring and receiving areas
  • Transmission power can be adjusted while mounted on the machine

Activation / Deactivation

  • Separately encoded infrared signals
  • Range of signal transmission adjustable in 3 stages

Sturdy and well protected

  • Probe housing made of stainless steel
  • Water-proof probe sealing using IP68 standard
  • Reliable protection of measuring mechanism by chip guard shield between probe lid and sealing membranes
  • Resistent to falling chips and coolant

Operation suitable for the workshop

  • Easy lateral run-out adjustment
  • Use of standard batteries
  • Easy exchange of stylus
  • Retrosfitting possible at any time

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