Portable hardness tester

A fully mechanical instrument of the highest precision, robust, and free from normal maintenance The large clearly marked dials on these unique instruments cover a full range of hardness values in Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell A, B, C, and Kp/mm - covering the British, American and German specifications


  • The Instrument The system is entirely mechanical employing the use of special pre-loaded springs which provide a load of about 15kg to the diamond. Maximum penetration of the diamond into the specimen is 0.125mm (.005").
  • Operation and Use The simplicity of the tester enables it to be used in almost any direction, (preferably vertically), without affecting accuracy. It can be used ‘on site’ with complete success. The grips are depressed to the fullest extent by using the palms of the hands and the hardness value can be read off the appropriate scale. Repeatability is excellent and the calibration can be checked by the user against a reference test block supplied with each instrument. Each tester is supplied complete in a case with detailed operating instructions.
  • Diamond Indenter The instrument does not require any regular servicing. Should the diamond indenter become damaged, a new indenter can simply be fitted using the small tool supplied with the instrument.
  • Bench Stand Bench stand with vee base for round parts, available as an option.