Probes and Tool Setters

Infrared Touch Probe IRP25.41

Modular probe used on vertical and horizontal machining centers Adjustable trigger force supports complex measurement tasks, including measurements deep inside of workpieces. Includes Chameleon function providing compatibility with nearly all other IR probe systems on the market.


Infrared Touch Probe IRP40.01/THERMO-LOCK®

Compact probe with bi-directional transmission used on HSC machines with small shanks and small tool changers as well as on lathes. Shanks equipped with THERMO-LOCK® technology prevent heat transfer from the spindle to the probe, enabling precision measurement even with large temperature differences.


Temperature Probe IRTP25.44

Probe with infrared transmission for automatic workpiece temperature measurement (patented). Temperature measurement can be used to control manufacturing processes and to adjust machining parameters during production.


Pick Up Tool Setter IRPT35.40

Patented, innovative tool setter with infrared transmission used in machining centers and 5 axis machines. Mounting/dismounting is possible both manually and fully automatically – without interfering in the work area of the machine.


Infrared Tool Setter IRT35.70

Tool measurement system for milling machines and machining centers. The measuring system works with infrared transmission and enables flexible tool measurement and breakage detection. Mounting directly on the machine table at different locations is made possible by magnetic clamping. It has a very high level of repeatability when placing it in the machine, also with twin table machining (patented).