Production Probe PP41.00

PP41.00 - robust and compatible, a true alternative!

The production probe PP41.00 is fully compatible with other systems available on the market because of its M16x1 connection thread and its small dimensions. It fits many application possibilities on tool grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines, rotary transfer machines and special measuring tasks.

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  • Determination of workpiece zero point
  • Determination of workpiece tolerances
  • Control measurement of workpiece dimensions
  • High precision measuring unit
  • Operation suitable for the workshop
  • Sturdy and protected



  • Adjustable trigger force (XY = 0,3 – 1,4 N; Z = 2,5 – 12,5 N)
  • Measurement of thin-walled workpieces possible
  • Stable zero position
  • Unidirectional repeatability of 2 Sigma 1 μm
  • Measuring with cross probes possible
  • High precision
  • Adjustable trigger force for a wide range of applications
Unidirectional repeatability 2 Sigma 1 μm
Sensing directions ±X, ±Y, -Z
Max. stylus deflection XY ±12,5°; Z -6 mm
Trigger force with 50mm stylus XY = 0,3 - 1,4 N; Z = 2,5 – 12,5 N, adjustable
Extensions (Ø 25 mm) 30 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm
Protection class IP68: EN60529, screwed
Sealing IP68: EN60529, with attached sensor
Mechanical protection Double diaphragm (Viton) and metal eyelid
Material 5 °C - 50 °C
Temperature range 10 °C – 60 °C
Contacting N.C. normally closed
    Compatible construction
  • Probe dimensions equal to market standard allow replacement of third-party products at any time
  • Fully compatible connection through M16x1 screw-in thread
  • Stylus thread M4 enables use of all existing styli
  • For use on tool grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines, rotary transfer machines and special measuring tasks
    Precise measuring results
  • Highest accuracy through precision measuring mechanism
  • Adjustable trigger force allows measuring of thin-walled workpieces (patented)
  • Stable zero position allows precision measuring using only one touch
    Sturdy and protected
  • Touch probe housing made of stainless steel
  • Waterproof probe sealing using IP68 standard
  • High protection of the measuring mechanism by double, chemical resistant sealing membranes as standard
  • Removable metal eyelid acts as a chip guard
  • Stylus is torsion protected
    Operation suitable for the workshop
  • Easy adjustment of the triggering force from the front
  • Cleaning of the sealing membranes possible without tools
  • Easy mounting of sockets and extensions
  • Easy exchange of stylus
    Substantial accessories
  • Large assortment of styli
  • Different sockets with integrated interface
  • Compatible modular extensions available


Paul Horn GmbH - Tübingen 2013-10-24 3 MB (PDF)

Case Study Davromatic - Nottingham 2013-10-23 2 MB (PDF)  


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