m&h Radio-wave Touch Probe RWP38.41


m&h RWP38.41 - the smallest radio touch probe available on the market!

The compact radio-wave touch probe RWP38.41 has been developed for machines requiring signal transmission across greater distances where infrared transmission is not sufficient. It is ideally suited for use on machine tools with limited maximum tool diameter and restricted height of the Z axis, particularly with 5-axis heads. It can be extended in a modular way and is the perfect solution for complex measurements. Thanks bi-directional communication the RWP38.41 can be combined with the radio-wave tool setter RWT35.50 and the receiver RWR95.40.

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  • Determination of workpiece zero point
  • Determination of workpiece position
  • Control measurement of workpiece dimensions
  • Proven and safe SCS technology
  • Patented THERMO-LOCK® technology
  • Touch probe can be extended almost without limit



  • Highest operational reliability through transmission protocol
  • Permanent check of radio channels for interfering signals
  • Automatic blocking of channels by Self Channel Select (SCS)
  • 64 radio channels in protected frequency range, proven worldwide
  • 433 MHz transmitting frequency – internationally approved and high-penetration
  • No machine downtime due to interfering signals
  • High-penetration
  • Automatic blocking of channels by SCS technology


  • Prevents heat transfer from the spindle to the probe
  • Delivers consistent, precise measurement results even by large temperature differences
  • HSK shanks with THERMO-LOCK® technology are available in various sizes
  • Precise measurement results even by large temperature differences
  • Eliminates uncontrolled expansion of the shank and probe body
Unidirectional repeatability 2 Sigma 1 μm
Recommended probing speed 254 mm/min – 2000 mm/min
Sensing directions ±X, ±Y, -Z
Max. stylus deflection XY ±12,5°, Z -6 mm
Trigger force with 50mm stylus XY = 0,3 – 1,4 N; Z = 2,5 – 12,5 N, adjustable
Extensions (Ø 25 mm) 50 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm
Power supply 2x batteries 3,6V type ½ AA (1200mAh)
Battery Life Time 325h in continuous use
Protection class IP68: EN60529
Weight without shank approx. 460 g
Temperature range 10 °C – 50 °C
Material Stainless steel
Transmitting frequency range 433,075 MHz – 434,650 MHz
Number of channels 64
Interchannel spacing 25 KHz
    Modular construction
  • Probe RWP38.41 variable, modular extendible
  • Slim standard extensions can be combined in 3 different lengths
  • Measuring mechanism near the measuring point for highest precision
  • For use on machining centres, turning/milling centres and on 5-axis machines with swivelling heads
    Trigger force freely adjustable
  • Measuring of thin sections with minimal measuring force
  • Measuring of soft materials
  • Measuring with large cross probes at max. measuring force
  • No false signals during acceleration
  • Easy adjustment from the front without dismantling (patented)
    Activation / Deactivation
  • Switching on and off via radio-wave transmission
  • With 3 activation codings available, „A“ / „B“ / „C“, it is possible to operate up to 3 measuring systems, RWP38.41 and RWT35.50 with one receiver
    THERMO-LOCK® Technology (patented)
  • Prevents heat transfer from the spindle to the probe – precise measurement results even by large temperature differences
  • HSK shanks 30E/40E/50E and 63A are available
    Performance and process reliability
  • Protected frequency range, proven worldwide
  • Safe signal transmission redundant transmission protocol
  • 64 channels freely adjustable
  • High transmitting power
    Sturdy and protected
  • Probe housing made of stainless steel
  • Double sealing of battery compartment
  • High protection of measuring mechanism with chip protection lid and double, chemical resistant sealing membranes
  • Measuring mechanism torsion-protected
    Operation suitable for the workshop
  • Easy channel adjustment by push of a button
  • Digital channel display
  • Quick battery replacement without tools


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m&h Styli and Accessories Brochure 2014-08-18 3 MB (PDF)

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