Temperature Probe IRP25.50-TP

Temperature Probe IRP25.50-TP

Measures the workpiece temperature fully automatically both before as well as during machining (patented). This allows the control of production processes and the adaptation of machining parameters during production. Temperature-dependent parameters can be reliably determined before the workpiece goes to the next machining step with tolerance specifications. This way, consistently high production quality is ensured.

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Applications :

  • Measures the workpiece temperature fully automatically before and during machining
  • Control of production processes and adaptation of machining parameters
  • Temperature-dependent parameters can be determined with certainty
  • Unique and patented technology – only at m&h
  • Guaranteed consistent production quality
  • Simple parameter adaptation
  • HDR+ (High Data Rate+) infrared transmission excludes interference of measuring from ambient light
  • ITE technology (Intelligent Trigger Evaluation) – prepositioning with High Speed
  • The only infrared temperature probe on the market!



    Features :
  • Different from worldwide line frequencies of 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Modulation frequency of 455 kHz
  • Extremely high data rate for secure information transmission
  • Homogeneous and true 360° directional characteristics through innovative design with mirrored surfaces
  • Extremely high signal range
  • Optimized battery consumption without loss in process reliability
  • Bidirectional activation thanks to separately coded ON/OFF signal – naturally with HDR+ performance
  • No interference from ambient light
  • Safest infrared transmission
  • Improved HDR+ technology
  • Optimized energy consumption with increased transmission power


    Features :
  • Evaluate trigger signals
  • Filtering machine vibrations and shocks
  • No increase of the trigger force required
  • No loss of precision
  • No measuring errors due to incorrect switching
  • Shorter cycle times by fast pre-positioning
  • Shorter cycle times without loss of process reliability
  • Pre-position with High-Speed (up to 50,000 mm / min) due to ITE technology
  • One Touch Strategy for fast and precise probing (up to 2,000 mm / min)
Temperature accuracy when using the calibration table of the temperature sensor: Machine input, analog / digital Machine input, analog / analog ±0,1 °C ±1,0 °C
Recommended probing speed 500 mm/min
Probing direction -Z
Maximum Stylus Overtravel Z –7,5 mm
Trigger Force with 50 mm Stylus 13 N
Sensor lengths 50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm
Power supply 1 x 9 V Batterie Block Lithium: 1200 mAh, Alkaline: 550 mAh
Sealing IP68: EN60529
Weight without shank Approx. 920 g
Temperature Range 10 °C – 50 °C
Material Stainless Steel


    Features :
  • Patented pullstud activation
  • Patented water-switch activation
  • Mechanical HSK activation
  • Separately coded ON/OFF infrared activation

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