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About Us

Qmarz is recognized all over india as a manufacturer of in-process gauging systems and post - process computerized quality control systems.

Qmarz stands for quality product market zone. Qmarz started in 2001, Developed by N.G.Kumar.
We wish to introduce our selves as one of leading manufacturers of qmarz in-process gauge, advanced development micro-controller based system with lcd feed process massager suitable for cylindrical grinding machine.
This development is one of the best in India. We are also manufacturing qmarz honing in - process gauge, in-process gauge for centre less grinding machine, special type in process gauge for surface grinding machine.

We have developed multi gauging system, post process gauging system, match gauging, comparator and quick checker process fixture, pick & drop and loading & un loading robotic system interfaced with special purpose gauge (special type). Swiss, UK & Germany make probes (sensors) is being used in our gauge heads.

We under take servicing of high precision electronic metrology equipments like electronic height gauge any make, electronic probe box, surface roughness tester, digital dial, vernier, micrometer, electronic length measuring instruments probe based electronic comparator, digital probe and dro. We also under take AMC (Annual Maintenance by Contract) for electronic machine tools like any make in-process gauge, dro & rotary equipment as required by client spares will be supplied for our own make & other makes also. Qmarz in-process gauge amplifier is suitable for any make gauge head.

Our Strengths

  • Qmarz is found all over India for its quality and reliability.
  • Good knowledge of metrology requirements in Indian industry.
  • Sound knowledge in the field of quality and hi-technology.
  • Pioneer in inspection equipments in in-process and post process gauging.
  • Technically competent staff and skilled producters.
  • Full backing from bankers and financial institutions as Qmarz is maintaining good track record.
  • Professionally maintained by qualified and well experienced.

Technicians, affiliated with all leading association of Indian industry, government bodies an universities. We have manufacturing division and service division seperately to satisfy the customer in full. 24 hours service has been provided to our customer.