Bore Gauging Applications

Pistol-grip Bore Gauge with Indicator

Uses XT measuring heads. Measurement range from 6 - 100mm / 1/4 - 4". Ergonomically designed pistol grip body...

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Bowers XTL Lever Bore Gauge

The robust new Bowers XTL Lever range is perfect for vertical bore measurement, providing accurate and repeatable bore gauging under inspection department or shop-floor conditions....

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XT500 Large Diameter 3-point Bore Gauge

The Bowers XT500 large diameter 3-point bore-gauge has been designed specifically for the measurement of internal diameters between 300 and 500 mm. ..

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Ultima Electronic Bore Gauge

Bowers Ultima Bore Gauge offers a choice of resolutions up to 0.0001mm. Featuring the NEW Bowers ‘FASTFIT’ measuring heads with extended measuring range (above 14mm), ..

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Special Bore Measurement - Deep Hole

Up to 2 metres deep with standard extensions. Pneumatic system available from 50mm diameter for depths of up to 15 metres ...

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Smart plugs

The robust, easy to use SmartPlug range is designed to give the operator greater speed of use, unmatched measuring accuracy and superb repeatability, especially in harsh shop - floor environments. ...

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