DRO Encoders: MAG-TS Magnetic Tape Scale

MAG-TS’s performance, design characteristics and ease of installation make it ideally suited for metal fabrication, sawing, woodworking and general measurement applications..

Newall’s MAG-TS encoder consists of a reading head that travels along a magnetically encoded tape. The tape is made of a ferrous backing affixed to a flexible magnetized rubber substrate that is protected by a stainless steel cover strip.

Angular Readings on a Rotary Table

The flexibility of the MAG-TS encoder allows you to mount the tape around the circumference of a rotary table on a boring mill. Angular readings can now be displayed with the use of Newall’s DP1200 or SA-100R DRO.


  • Electrical Specifications:
  • Electrical Code: Incremental

  • Supply Voltage: 5VDC +/-5%
  • Current: Typ. 150mA (250mA max.)
  • Output Format: Differential TTL (RS-422)
  • Reference Mark: Selectable
  • Resolution: 10µ (0.0005”)
  • Measurement Speed: 2Mhz
  • Operating Temp: 0-50º C
  • CE Compliant: Yes
  • Mechanical Specifications

  • Reader Head Dim.:51L x 24W x 26H (2.0”L x 0.94”W x 1.02H)
  • Pole Pitch: 2mm
  • Environmental Rating: IP67
  • Max. Length: 20M (65.6’)
  • R.H. Gap Height: 0.5 ±0.02mm (0.02” ±0.007”)
  • R.H. Pitch and Yaw Tolerance: ±1º
  • Accuracy: +/-25µ (±0.001”)
  • Cable: 3.5 meter SS armor with 9-Pin D style (M) connector
  • Mounting

    The MAG-TS can be mounted directly to the machine surface by using the provided adhesive strip. Alternatively, the tape can be attached to an optional backer bar that is then mounted to the machine surface. The reader head should be mounted such that the correct gap height (0.5mm +/- 0.02mm) is maintained along the entire travel of the machine.

    The MAG-TS tape should not make contact with a magnetic stand or permanent magnet during installation, use, or maintenance. Permanent damage may occur.