Incremental Feedback Encoders for CNC/PLC: MHG-VP Linear

MHG-VP Linear Encoder

The MHG-VP linear encoder is intended for use in conjunction with Newall's SCC-200 module. The SCC-200 will output a ~1Vpp sine/cosine signal making it ideally suited for CNC and other control feedback. Click here to learn more about Newall's Inductive Encoder Technology Download MHG-VP Linear Encoder Documents: SCC-200 Data Sheet (pdf) Installation Manual (pdf) Newall Linear Encoder Catalog (pdf) MHG Dimensional Drawing (pdf)



Output Signal ~1Vpp, sine/cosine from SCC-200 converter
Accuracy/Meter ±0.0002" (±5µm)
Resolutions 10µm, 5µm, 1µm or 0.5µm
Scale Travels 2" to 40" (51mm to 1,016mm)
Scale Diameter 0.226" (5.75mm)
Reader Head Dimensions 1.38"H x 2.95"L x 0.98"D (35mm x 75mm x 24mm)
Reference Marker Every 0.19" (5mm)
Equivalent Line Count/Inch 635, 1270, 3175, 6350, 12,700, 31,750
Maximum Traverse Rate 65.6' (20m)/second (10µm), pro-rated to resolution
Power Supply 5VDC ±5%, <70mA
Shock (11ms) 100g (IEC 69-2-6)
Vibration (55-2000Hz) 30g (IEC 68-2-27)
Sample Period 100µs
Environmental Rating IP67, fully submersible (IEC 529) - Exceeds NEMA 6
Operating Temperature 32° to 131°F (0° to 55°C)
Coefficient of Expansion 12 x 10-6K
Scale Material 316 stainless steel
Overall Scale Length Scale travel length + 10.2" (258mm)
Standard Cable 15 core, 11.5' (3.5m) armored
Maximum Cable Length 65.6' (20m)
Standard Connector 15 pin "D" type
EMC Compliance BS EN 61000-6-2 and BS EN 61000-6-4


Resolutions Custom resolutions available
Non-Armored Cable PUR (polyurethane)
Connectors • Honda PCR-E20FS (Fanuc) • IP67 (NEMA 6) • None (flying lead)
Cable Lengths 22' (7m) or 19.68" (0.5m)

Quick and Easy Installation

The design of these linear encoders allow installment in almost any position, unlike glass-scale linear encoders, which usually need to be installed with the lip seal facing downwards to prevent contamination. Self-aligning fixing brackets allow virtually effortless scale mounting, needing only a single hole for each set of brackets.