Absolute Encoders for Feedback for CNC/PLC: SHG-AB, SHG-AG,

SHG-AB, SHG-AG and SHG-AS Linear Encoder

SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface) is a patented absolute encoder protocol invented by Max Stegmann GmbH. The transfer of position data is much faster than RS232 or RS485, making this protocol ideal for closed loop motion control. There are several variations of SSI currently available. Developed to meet a wide range of feedback applications, these absolute linear encoders provide a true absolute position immediately upon power-up. The encoder does not use batteries or static memory to retain the positional data. True position can be reacquired once power is applied, regardless of duration or power-off movements. Click here to learn more about Newall's Inductive Encoder Technology Download SHG-AB, SHG-AG, SHG-AS Linear Encoders Documents: SHG-A_ Installation Manual (pdf) SHG-AS Protocol (pdf) SHG-AB and SHG-AG Protocol (pdf) Newall Linear Encoder Catalog (pdf) SHG-A_ Dimensional Drawing Under 100" (2540mm) (SHG-A_ Dimensional Drawing Under 100" (2540mm)) SHG-A_ Dimensional Drawing Over 100" (2540mm) (SHG-A_ Dimensional Drawing Over 100" (2540mm))



Output Signal SHG-AB = SSI Binary - 24 data bits, no parity SHG-AG = SSI Gray Code - 24 data bits, no parity SHG-AS = SSI Gray Code - 24 data bits, even parity
Accuracy/Meter ±0.0004", ±0.0002", ±0.0001"(±10µm, ±5µm, ±3µm)
Resolutions 10µm, 5µm, 1µm or 0.5µm
Scale Travels 4" to 137.8" (102mm to 3.5m)
Scale Diameter 0.601" (15.25mm)
Reader Head Dimensions 2.05"H x 5.16"L x 1.10"D (52mm x 131mm x 28mm)
Reference Marker n/a
Maximum Traverse Rate n/a
Power Supply 5VDC ±5%, <350mA
Shock (11ms) 100g (IEC 69-2-6)
Vibration (55-2000Hz) 30g (IEC 68-2-27)
Sample Period 50µs
Environmental Rating IP67, fully submersible (IEC 529) - Exceeds NEMA 6
Operating Temperature 32° to 131°F (0° to 55°C)
Coefficient of Expansion 12 x 10-6K
Scale Material 316 stainless steel
Overall Scale Length Scale travel length + 10.2" (258mm)
Standard Cable 15 core, 11.5' (3.5m) armored
Maximum Cable Length 65.6' (20m)
Standard Connector 15 pin "D" type
EMC Compliance BS EN 61000-6-2 and BS EN 61000-6-4


Resolutions Custom resolutions available
Non-Armored Cable PUR (polyurethane)
Connectors • IP67 (NEMA 6) • None (flying lead)
Cable Lengths 22' (7m) or 19.68" (0.5m)

Quick and Easy Installation

The design of these linear encoders allow installment in almost any position, unlike glass-scale linear encoders, which usually need to be installed with the lip seal facing downwards to prevent contamination. Self-aligning fixing brackets allow virtually effortless scale mounting, needing only a single hole for each set of brackets.