Surface Roughness Tester IPX-103/104

The IPX-103/104 is a portable, battery-powered instrument for checking surface roughness, with the measured values displayed on a digital readout display. The instrument can be used in laboratory, inspection area, workshop, or wherever on-site surface roughness testing is required


  • Pocket-sized and economically priced!
  • External and internal finish testing with swivable tracer
  • Ra and Rz parameters in one instrument and all available after each individual test
  • Standard 9V battery
  • Three cut-off 0.25mm, 0.8mm and 2.5mm, adjustable to 1-3-5 times
  • PiĆ«zo-electric pick-up stylus for external surfaces with diamond tip of 2 micron according to the latest ISO standards
  • IPX-104 with data output